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Just hearing the word lice makes you start itching! Fortunately for you, Head Honcho of Mobile is here to help. We offer a variety of services including head checks, education, preventative products, and most importantly an effective treatment that will remove lice and nits.  We will also leave you with a plan that will prevent your family from getting head lice again.  Let Head Honcho save you time, money, and stress so you can get back to everyday life.  Call or text today to set up your appointment. 

Eliminate head lice and nits in comfort and privacy.
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It has been proven that many over the counter treatments are only 54% effective for treating lice.  The lice have become resistant to the chemicals used in these products, thus the term Super Lice was formed. Several of these contain pesticides which can pose a risk for individuals.  Why take a chance on you or your child’s health when you can have a professional that uses safe and effective products that eliminate the infestation for you once and for all.

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