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Lice can make parents lose their minds. As a parent myself I, Katy D’Olive, have been through the same frustration and embarrassment of fighting head lice countless times.

After going through this with my three children, I felt like I was quite the expert. Friends were always calling me for advice or to come and help deal with the situation. I realized what I knew was limited and that there had to be a better way. After spending countless hours researching and many phone calls to lice removal businesses across the US, I realized there is a need for this service in our area.

Shortly thereafter, I attended an extensive training program in Atlanta, Georgia, where I received my certification.
The training and knowledge gained through this has enabled me to become a lice specialist.

I then brought these methods back to Mobile and have trained  a well qualified team of lice experts.  We are here to relieve you of any anxiety and to educate you on the important “facts of lice.” Call or text today for your appointment.