Lice Facts

Facts of lice:

  • Each year millions of people in the United States get head lice. The cleanliness of your hair or home is irrelevant. There is no need to be embarrassed if you or your child has lice.
  • Head lice are tiny wingless insects that are human parasites.
  • Lice have six legs, flattened bodies and are brownish to grayish in color.
  • They can’t jump or fly but can crawl quickly.
  • The adult female can lay six to ten eggs a day. She attaches the eggs(nits) to the hair shaft close to the scalp with a cement type glue.
  • Nits are oval in shape and brownish to white in color.
  • Lice are not dangerous, but are contagious and extremely annoying!!!
  • They are very common problem and like clean hair.
  • Your pets can’t get lice.
  • Lice can only survive off the head for 24-48 hours.
  • Therefore, they are NOT living all over your house.
  • In almost all cases lice are transmitted through head to head contact. However, it is important not to share brushes, hats, helmets, etc.
  • A rash at the nape of the neck and scratching the head are common signs of lice. The itching is caused from the reaction of the saliva of the lice.  The scratching usually doesn’t start for two weeks.
  • Repeated exposure to chemicals over an extended period of time has caused lice to have a resistance to certain products. This is where the term “Super Lice” came from. Therefore, removing all nits and bugs with a good lice comb is important.
  • To prevent getting head lice avoid head to head contact. Girls should wear hair in a ponytail or a bun or braid for longer hair.  Use lice repellant products when in a social setting.
  • If lice are found, it is very important to inform your school and friends your child has been in close contact with.